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bulletEuropean Society of Sonochemistry
bulletJapanese Society of Sonochemistry:
bulletUltrasonics Industry Association (USA):

Power Ultrasound Equipment Companies

bulletFRANCE - Cedrat Technologies

Cedrat Technologies have used their knowledge and expertise of ultrasound (US) transducer technology to optimize the design of the conventional US Langevin transducer in order to get modularity and extend the cavitation generating surface. The result of this development of a new kind of transducer which is called the modular ultrasonic transducer (MUST), patent pending. This device improves the sonochemical efficiency of classical tubular transducer. The new MUSTproduct can be used in various fields like Sonochemistry, Ultrasonic cleaning, Homogenization, Extraction, Nanoparticle Deposition, Anti-Bacterial Fabric Coating, etc.


bulletGERMANY - Bandelin Electronic

Bandelin has 65 years of experience in the development and manufacture of ultrasonic devices and disinfectant and cleaning agents based in Berlin. A wide range of manufacture, modern production lines and a high-motivated staff guarantee a high quality of the products. Our ultrasonic devices are in use in nearly all branches of processing industries with maintenance and service also in the medical, pharmaceutical and dental fields and research laboratories.The most important product groups are: SONOREX - Ultrasonic cleaning devices, SONOPULS - Ultrasonic homogenisers, SONOREX - Ultrasonic reactors, SONOMIC - Ultrasonic cleaning devices for cannulas and minimally invasive surgical instruments, ultraPuls - Ultrasonic therapy devices.


bulletGERMANY - Meinhardt Ultrasonics

Meinhardt Ultrasonics is a German company which has more than 60 years of experience in producing ultrasound systems. Since then we have always focused on high frequency systems which work in the approximate range of 200 kHz up to 5 MHz. Our company's speciality is a multi-frequency generator, which can be operated at three different frequencies with one transducer (plane or focused). We also deliver special glass reactors with cooling jackets to use with these reactors. For more information visit our webpage at:


bulletUSA - Advanced Sonic Processing Systems

Advanced Sonic Processing Systems manufactures Industrial Ultrasonic Processing Equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, manufacturing, mining, food processing, textile, pigment and waste treatment processing industries. Our Dual-Frequency Processing Technology is unmatched for the enhancement of sonochemical and sonophysical reactions. We offer a 10-year transducer warranty, the most extensive in the industry. We have a selection of standard products and can engineer and manufacture high volume production systems to any acoustic power level and size required. We offer rental equipment for laboratory research and pilot-scale operations. Each equipment type has been refined to optimize material flow and processing conditions for the task at hand


bulletUK - Sonochemistry Centre Ltd

A new consultancy company offering advice and project evaluation on all aspects of power ultrasound technologies. Based in Coventry the founders are Mircea Vinatoru and Tim Mason.


bulletUltrasonics Sonochemistry                           

Medical Ultrasound

bulletInternational Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound

Research Opportunities

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