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Advances in Sono
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Volume 1

ed. T.J.Mason, JAI Press, 1990, ISBN 1-55938-178-7

bulletHistorical Introduction to sonochemistry D.Bremner (pp1-38)
bulletThe nature of sonochemical reactions and sonoluminescence M.A.Margulis (pp39-80)
bulletInfluence of ultrasound on reactions with metals B.Pugin and A.T.Turner (pp81-118)
bulletUltrasonically promoted carbonyl addition reactions
J-L.Luche (pp119-172)
bulletEffect of ultrasonically induced cavitation on corrosion W.J.Tomlinson (pp173-186)
bulletEffects of ultrasound on surfaces and solids K.S.Suslick and S.J.Doktycz (pp187-230)
bulletThe use of ultrasound for the controlled degradation of polymer solutions G.J.Price (pp231-287)


Volume 2

ed. T.J.Mason, JAI Press 1991, ISBN 1-55938-267-8

bulletSonochemical initiation of polymerisation P.Kruus (pp1-22)
bulletFree radical generation by ultrasound in aqueous solutions of volatile and non-volatile solutes P.Riesz (pp23-64)
bulletUltrasonic studies of polymeric solids and solutions R.A.Pethrick (pp65-134)
bulletThe action of ultrasound on solidifying metals O.V.Abramov (pp135-186)
bulletUltrasound in chemical processing N.Senapati (pp187-210)
bulletUltrasonic organic synthesis involving non-metal solids T.Ando and T.Kimura (pp211-252)
bulletThe influence of ultrasound on oscillating reactions M.A.Margulis and N.A.Maximenko (pp253-292)
bulletThe manipulation of particles in an acoustic field C.J.Schram (pp293-322)

Volume 3

ed. T.J.Mason, JAI Press 1993, ISBN 1-55938-476-X

bulletUltrasound and colloid science - the early years >D.W.Gillings (pp1-16)
bulletContributions to various aspects of cavitation chemistry A.Henglein (pp17-84)
bulletSonochemistry: from experiment to theoretical considerations J-L.Luche (pp85-124)
bulletUltrasonic agitation in metal finishing R.Walker (pp125-144)
bulletUltrasonic atomisation A.Morgan (pp145-164)
bulletReactions of organosilicon compounds in acoustic fields O.I.Zinov'ev and M.A.Margulis (pp165-208)
bulletUse of ultrasound in the identification of biological molecules J.A.Evans (pp209-256)
bulletInitiation and catalysis of oxidation processes of organic compounds in an acoustic field E.M.Mokry and V.L.Starchevsky (pp257-292)

Volume 4

ed. T.J.Mason, JAI Press, 1996, ISBN 1-55938-793-9

bulletDosimetry for power ultrasound and sonochemistry J.Berlan and T.J.Mason (pp1-74)
bulletNuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy combined with ultrasound. J.Homer, L.Paniwnyck and S.A.Palfreyman (pp75-100)
bulletDegassing, filtration and grain refinement processes of light alloys in an acoustic cavitation field G.Eskin (pp101-160)
bulletSonochemistry in China Y.Zhao and J.Yin (pp161-176)
bulletThe uses of ultrasound in food processing T.J.Mason and L.Paniwnyk (pp177-204)
bulletSonoelectrochemistry S.S.Phull and D.J.Walton (pp205-284)

Volume 5

ed. T.J.Mason, JAI Press 1999, ISBN 0-7623-0331-X

bulletAn introduction to sonoluminescence. T.Lepoint and F.Lepoint-Mullie (pp1-108)
bulletOH radical formation and dosimetry in the sonolysis of aqueous solutions C.von Sonntag, G.Mark, A.Tauber and H-P.Schuchmann (pp109-146)
bulletCan sonication modify the regio and stereo-selectivities of organic reactions ? J-L.Luche and P.Cintas (pp147-174)
bulletThe use of ultrasound in microbiology - Sonomicrobiology S.S.Phull and T.J.Mason (pp175-208)
bulletUltrasonically assisted extraction of bioactive principles from plants and their constituents M.Vinatoru, M.Toma and T.J.Mason (pp209-248)
bulletPower ultrasound in leather technology J-F.Ding, J.P.Xie and G.E.Attenburrow (pp249-278)
bulletSonic energy in processing: use of a large scale, low frequency sonic reactor J.P.Russell and M.Smith (pp279-302)

Volume 6

ed. T.J.Mason and A.Tiehm, Elsevier 2001, ISBN 0-444-50705-1

bulletThe uses of ultrasound for biological decontamination S.S. Phull & T.J. Mason
bulletCombination of ultrasonic and biological pollutant degradation A. Tiehm
bulletUltrasonic Disintegration of Sewage Sludge for Enhanced Anaerobic Biodegradation U. Neis, K. Nickel, A. Tiehm
bulletSonochemical degradation of aromatic contaminants C. Petrier and D. Casadonte
bulletSonolytic ozonation for the remediation of hazardous pollutants L.K. Weavers
bulletUltrasonically Assisted Leaching K.M.Swamy and K.L.Narayana
bulletUltrasound in Filtration and Sludge Dewatering Pentti Pirkonen
bulletUltrasonic Phase Separation J.F. Spengler, M. Jekel, W.T. Coakley
bulletThe design of ultrasonic reactors for environmental remediation T.J. Mason


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